In the book of Matthew, chapter 15, Jesus tells a compelling story of a merchant who was seeking beautiful pearls. Upon finding one so valuable that a price could not be attached to it, he quickly hid the priceless pearl in a field and then went and sold all that he had to purchase that field.

Was the merchant interested in the field? No. He sold everything to buy the field that he hid the pearl in to assure that the beautiful jewel would be safely in his possession. He wanted to protect the treasure he found… the pearl of great price. 

Traditionally, this passage is interpreted that Jesus is the pearl of great price and we sell everything to purchase him. Sure, there is a truth in that, but there is a powerful twist to this revelation unveiled by Jesus.

May I present to you that Jesus was saying that you are the beautiful pearl that God was looking for. After he found you (the pearl) He hid you for safe keeping. Then He purchased redemption for you with the high cost of His son’s sacrifice.

Wow! You were sought by God as someone so valuable and priceless that He bought you with the blood of His beloved Son Jesus.

Did you get that? You are the beautiful pearl!  You are the priceless jewel that God gave everything to possess. You have been found and purchased by God. He thought so highly of you that He gave His best to have you as His own.

Begin to see yourself as God sees you. Not as someone worthless or unimportant but as His priceless possession. You have been bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus that declares you are forever loved, forgiven, valuable, and precious! You are God’s beautiful and priceless pearl!

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