“When I see the blood”… that sounds like a strange thing to say, but that is exactly what God said which brought incredible peace and assurance of victory to the people of Israel the night of the Passover. They were faced with a final plague that would bring death to the first born of every household. The plague was to cause Pharaoh to release the children of Israel from their slavery. (Exodus 12)

God had a plan that would mirror salvation and redemption in the future for all of us who would receive. On that fateful night, God had instructed His people to sacrifice a lamb and put some of its blood on the front door frames of their houses. When the death angel came to visit each house and saw the blood of their sacrificial lamb on the door posts, he was forced to pass over those homes… for the lamb provided the death in that house.

The Bible says that Jesus is our Passover Lamb. That means, when you call on Him as your Lord and Savior, His blood is applied to the door posts of your heart and spiritual death, along with all its baggage, must “Passover” you.

A common thought is “I don’t feel worthy to receive freedom from the enemy’s grasp” or you may say, “my life is not in order yet”. Thankfully, God did not say when I see your goodness… He said, “when I see the blood”. Declare the blood of Jesus over your family, your health, your finances and render the devil helpless. He can deal with you on your own, but he cannot deal with you when you apply the blood of Jesus to every area of your life. Your freedom and deliverance from any bondage is as close to you as your declaration of Jesus blood. 

Speak His blood and His blood will speak for you today!

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