Many people in life seek after riches, long life, and honor. These things are not necessarily bad but can become a snare if priorities are misplaced. What if I told you that the Bible instructs us that we can have these blessings if we follow God’s ways of wisdom.

Proverbs chapter three teaches us that if we embrace the right and left hand of God’s wisdom they will bring us long life, riches, and honor. In other words, if we make seeking after His wisdom in all areas of life the priority, these blessings will embrace us like the hug of a good friend.

1 Kings chapter 3 reveals this secret through King Solomon’s dream. God graciously visited him after he offered 1000 sacrifices of worship… this will get God’s attention every time. In the dream, God said to the King, “ask me and I will give you anything you want”.

Wow! Most people would ask for material things or vengeance upon the people they don’t like, etc. but King Solomon humbled himself and said to God that he was like a little child not knowing how to lead the nation. He asked for wisdom and understanding to lead the people of Israel that he had just become King over.

His request moved the heart of God and I believe the same prayer today will still move God’s heart. God told Solomon that He would give him what he asked for… a wise and understanding heart… but also what he didn’t ask for… long life, riches, and honor.

King Solomon later wrote about this revelation in the book of Proverbs by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is packed full of divine wisdom. I encourage you to read a chapter of Proverbs everyday and apply them to your life. In turn you will find wisdom’s right hand of long life wrapping around you and its left hand of riches and honor embracing you.

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