The other day as I was walking out of Walmart with a cart full of various items, a gentleman stopped me and asked to see my receipt. He then scanned the receipt as well as a few items in my cart. After a few moments he said, “all is well, you are free to go.” In other words, he confirmed that all the things in my cart were bought and paid for and therefore I could freely walk out with my newly purchased possessions.

In the same way, Jesus purchased our freedom from every sin, curse, and burden through the work of the cross. But how do we know for sure that He paid the price for our sin debt? How do we know there is nothing lingering that could still condemn us? The answer lies in His resurrection from the dead. Knowing that Jesus rose up from the grave and walked freely among the people gives us complete assurance that our sin debt has been fully paid.

When the enemy tries to remind us or accuse us of our past sins, we can pull out our divine receipt, the Bible, and say Romans chapter 4 says He was raised for our justification. His resurrection assures our hearts we are clean and justified before God. We know there is no more debt of sin on our conscience because Jesus is alive. When our sin debt was paid in full, He arose, indicating that His redemptive work is finished.

Just as my receipt at Walmart gave me complete confidence that my items were paid for and I was going to walk out of the store securely with those things in my cart, Jesus’ resurrection is my divine receipt that assures me all is well with me and God and everything Jesus died to give me is mine. I am free to go and live a life of victory.

You can have the same assurance if Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Be at rest. Be at peace knowing that your sin debt has been bought and paid for through Jesus’ death at the cross. His resurrection is your divine receipt that you are justified before God and free to live an overcoming and victorious life.

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