Everyone has an inner circle… those who are closest to them. Even Jesus had an inner circle. He wisely chose the ones He wanted with Him during good times and times of struggle. The night before Jesus was crucified He gathered His inner circle (the 12 disciples) and had a meaningful meal with them, pouring out His heart, and instructing them concerning the days to come.

Does your inner circle have people who you can share your struggles with, as well as victories? Do they build you up and not tear you down? Are those in your inner circle of relationships a blessing or a burden to you?

Well balanced relationships should have give and take to them. If someone is only drawing continually from you without imparting to you, then you will soon be weary and worn out and they will likely manipulate and take advantage of you until you make some changes.

You want your inner circle of friends to be those you feel are divine connections from the Lord. You should look forward to spending time with them, not dreading it. When you leave their presence you should feel blessed and refreshed, not drained and depressed.

Take control of the relationships in your life. You probably already know the ones that are healthy and the ones that are unhealthy. The ones that are healthy; may they flourish and thrive. The ones that are unhealthy; may The Lord give you courage and wisdom to make the necessary changes so you are living a life that is full of strength, joy, and blessings that belongs to every child of God.

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