Have you ever been woken from a deep sleep because someone turned on a bright light? The brightness of that light caused you to revive from your sleep.

In the same way, God can cause those who are sleeping spiritually to have an awakening. They wake up because of His light shining on them and become hungry for God and the things pertaining to His Kingdom.

I often pray for those who attend GraceLife Church that they will “come in one way and leave another”. In other words, they may come in as a sinner, aware of their faults and failures, but through the revelation of Jesus’ finished work at the cross, they leave with a spiritual awakening, washed, and cleansed from every sin, guilt, and shame.

Others may come in afflicted with sickness or disease, but because of Jesus’ stripes, they receive an astonishing miracle of healing.

Many have come to GraceLife burdened with heartache and emotional wounds but have left finding their freedom and deliverance through Jesus’ redemptive blood.

No one, including you, can come in contact with Jesus and His amazing grace and be unchanged. Why not ask God for a spiritual awakening…. Why don’t you look to Him to do an astounding miracle in your life?

Spiritual awakenings and astonishing miracles are part of God’s nature. He can’t help but perform these things in anyone’s life if they will only ask Him. God is waiting on you to reach out to Him in faith and say, “Miracle working God, would you please bring to me a spiritual awakening and do astonishing miracles in my life through Jesus?” 

That simple but powerful prayer will cause God to release all of Heaven’s resources on your behalf. Expect spiritual awakenings and astonishing miracles!

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