Over the years I have been known to make a few wrong turns while driving. One day several years ago my kids said, “Dad, download this GPS app on your phone… type in your destination and you will never have to make a wrong turn again”. I think their motivation was to alleviate their frustration of enduring my wrong turns. After down loading the app and typing in the destination, I was instructed by “Lola” exactly what to do and where to turn to reach my desired location. I still managed to make wrong turns occasionally but soon realized it was not a major problem. “Lola” would simply say “re-calculating “ and then proceed to redirect me to reach the same previous destination. Regardless of the number of wrong turns, it would recalculate my route to the original location.
In the same way, God has give everyone of us a plan and purpose for our lives. Most of us have gotten off course here and there in our journey of life. When that happens God doesn’t say too bad you blew it one too many times. No, because of His kind and loving nature through Jesus, He simply recalculates our path to eventually get to our God given destination.
When you get off cause in life, don’t think God is through with you. Because of the cross of Christ He will never leave nor forsake you. His grace and mercies will not fail. Step into His atoning love and hear Him say “recalculating “. In other words, God is putting you back on the track He has for you. You will be redirected to fulfill your divine purpose in life.
Chose to say yes to God’s directions and redirections when you need it. We all make mistakes. Recognize His wonderful preplanned purpose is already established. Be willing to allow recalculation if necessary to get you back on the right road. Soon you will again be on His pathway for your life.
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