Wait… you may be thinking, 1 Corinthians 11 says examine yourself. Yes, examine yourself in light of the blood and body of Jesus, not your sins and shortcomings. The more you focus on yourself and your faults, the more sin conscious you will become. But, if you focus on Jesus and His redemptive work, the more redeemed minded and conscious you will become.

Looking away from yourself and to Jesus’ powerful work at the cross will actually cause you to live your life from the inside out. In other words, the more you focus on Jesus and His redemptive work, the more your life will bear the fruit that pleases God.

We have citrus trees on our property. During the summer I make sure to give them plenty of water and fertilizer to assure sweet mandarins and oranges come December. When it comes to watering and fertilizing those trees, I have never once watered the leaves or the branches. I always water and fertilize the root systems that cannot be seen.

In the same way if you want sweet fruit from God in your life then stop focusing on the external things and begin to feed your inner person with the beautiful work of Christ Jesus and His Word.

Looking to the spiritual things of God will always produce the kind of life you desire. Instead, so many spend all their efforts to change behavior patterns when true change and transformation only comes from the inside out.

Look away from yourself with all of your faults and failures and look to Jesus, the power of His cross and His Word.  Soon, the fruit that pleases God will be there for all to see.

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