Many are either looking back at what use to be and hoping to return to the good times of the past or looking forward to the future in expectation of better days ahead. That’s okay to a degree, but all the while they are missing out on the joy God has for them in their current journey.

I am reminded of the story in John chapter 11-Mary and Martha’s Brother Lazarus had died while Jesus was at another town. When Jesus arrives, Martha is distraught and looks to Jesus saying, “Lord, if only you would have been here my brother wouldn’t have died”. Then she skipped the present and moved to the future saying, “I know Lazarus will be raised up one day on the resurrection”.

Martha failed to look to Jesus in her present situation thinking that Jesus was either too late to help her or He was only going to move in the future. The reality was, Jesus was there at that present moment to bring victory in their family. Jesus, ignoring their pleas of past or the future, raised Lazarus from the dead that very day… at their hour of need and brought great joy in their family.

May we not fall in the same trap of looking back saying, if only this would or wouldn’t have happened…or looking ahead saying, I know one of these days everything will get better. No! The past will never return and tomorrow will never be today.

Live every day with the joy of The Lord. He is your present help in time of trouble and your strength for today. The Bible says this (today) is the day The Lord has made- I will rejoice and be glad in it (today). You can only live in the moment. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is always on the way. God has put you there for His purposes so ENJOY THE JOURNEY you are currently experiencing.

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