In times of crisis, like what we are experiencing now, it is imperative that we put our full trust and confidence in the Lord rather than men. Even now what we hear from men is continually changing. First this is good and then because of further research it is now not good. Then eventually it changes again. What we hear from men and even the experts can bring confusion because of the inconsistencies. 

That’s why God says it is better to trust in Him than put confidence in men… especially during troublesome times. Opinions and data changes, but The Lord never changes. He takes care of us, crisis or no crisis. His Word and promises are unshakable, unlike the current events surrounding our world today. 

Yes we stay informed to current news and events but we can’t let them shape our faith nor our future. God holds our destinies and future in His hands. He will bring us out of every trial victoriously and fulfill His plan for our lives. The stock market is unstable and the economy uncertain, but the resources of heaven are unfailing to us as His children. 

Whatever concerns you at this moment? A health need? A financial situation? A family problem? Stop putting your confidence in mans’ ability to solve the problem and tell the Lord, “Father, I am done putting confidence in men. My complete trust is in you and you supernatural abilities to bring victory in everything and everyone in my life. My trust is in you in Jesus Name.”  

After you pray that simple but powerful prayer, let His love, strength, and peace come over you like a blanket and walk in the fullness of His trust. 

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