Cindi and I just finished attending a pastors conference where the theme was “It’s Personal”. I’m an introvert. Cindi is an extrovert. If you know us, that’s no surprise. Cindi once told me that if I wouldn’t have married her, my life would be boring. I can’t disagree.

God made us, including our personality traits. Often we may find ourselves wondering… if only God would have given me this gift or that strength then I would have greater success. Or, if only God would have made the people in my life like me… or with this personality trait… then things would be better.

The reality is that God created a masterpiece in you and me. Of course we have weaknesses that can be improved on, but I have learned to celebrate my strengths and the strengths of those closest to me.

Sometimes I frustrate Cindi and vice-versa, but I don’t let that bother me much because Cindi’s personality is powerfully blessed. God uses her in unique ways that I’m lacking in. Instead of living irritated at times with one another we celebrate our differences and play on our strengths for the greater good. We are limited on our own but together Cindi and I make a great team — the way God intended.

Accept the way God made you and your personality and at the same time continue to grow. Realize the people you love may have different strengths and weaknesses. Celebrate and welcome the diversity. Together you make a beautiful team that God can take farther in life than on your own. 

God took it personal when He made you. Don’t take it personal about the way He made others. He did it on purpose for the good of all of us. Take advantage of it!

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