Many people wonder if God is still saving and healing people like He did in the Bible; will He save and heal me? If He is not then He has changed His nature and if He has changed His nature then His Word can’t be trusted. Thankfully the reality is that God never changes and His Word is unalterable. Therefore, we can safely say if God ever saved and healed people on the earth then He is still doing it today and will continue to do it in the future.

The Bible, in Psalm 103, records that God forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases. The scriptures also declares In Mathew chapter 9 that Jesus went about the cities and villages teaching and preaching the gospel (good news of salvation) and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. 

Sometimes we read the Bible like it is for people of ancient time but not for us, or we think that God saves and heals other people but that is probably not for me. That kind of thinking and believing will keep you from receiving the forgiveness and healing that Jesus came to give you.

Jesus’ work of redemption at the cross is for all people — past, present, and future — who will simply say yes to His offer to save and heal you. It’s so simple that we sometimes stumble over its simplicity. God sent Jesus to the earth to take the punishment for our sins and take stripes from a whip on His back so we can be headed of sickness and disease.

Please don’t complicate God’s plan to forgive and heal you. Simply acknowledge Jesus’ work of redemption at the cross and SAY out loud, believing, “God, I accept your son’s sacrifice at the cross for me. I receive forgiveness of sins for my salvation and I receive healing in my body from all sickness and disease. I pray this in Jesus Name and thank you for saving and healing me.”

Now go your way rejoicing thanking God that your sins are forgiven and your body is healed!

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