Are you in an Identity crisis?

I recently had lunch with someone who has been a Christian for decades. He shared with me that he is still looking for significance and acceptance in his life. When I heard his struggle with his apparent identity crisis, I almost choked as I was taking a bite of my walnut chicken salad.

I said to him what I hope every child of God will understand; your identity is not wrapped up in what you do or don’t do. I went on to explain that what we “do or don’t do” is important but that will fall in place once we are settled in the revelation of WHO we are.

I sensed God’s presence as I continued to encourage him, “you are in Christ; a child of God. In God’s eyes you are completely loved, forgiven, accepted, and pleasing to Him. Why does God feel that way about you? Because you have accepted His Son and His sacrifice at the cross (just as any father would feel towards those who embrace his children). I could almost hear my friend’s thought…how is that possible when I have failed many times in my life and have not accomplished what I consider to be something great. 

As we talked, I sensed a relief from him as I reminded him of the words our Heavenly Father spoke to His Son Jesus BEFORE He ever healed one person or performed any miracles, “This my beloved son in whom I am well please”.

If Jesus is your Lord and Savior today, hear the Father say to you that you are my dearly loved son or daughter who brings me great joy”. Your identity is wrapped up in who you are and to whom you belong. Once that is established in your heart and mind, without question, you will begin to bear the fruit of a life that is grateful for the great salvation you have freely been given.

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