“I wish I could hear the voice of Jesus… I desperately need His wisdom and direction with all that is facing me right now” Unfortunately this is the cry of many Christians today and maybe you are echoing the same desperation in an attempt to hear from heaven regarding whatever you are going through. 

Does God want to give you wisdom and speak to you precious words that give life and victory? Yes, more than you want to hear and know. Could it be that we are not positioning ourselves to listen or hear from Jesus, Our Great Shepherd. 

Jesus said in John 10, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me”. Jesus is always talking and leading us. So, instead of, I wish… and I hope He speaks, how about posturing yourself to hear Him by having a heart and attitude of, “Jesus is my good shepherd and He speaks and brings wisdom to me all the time. I know His voice for He calls me by name and I follow Him”. 

Start hearing with the ears of your heart not the ears of your head. He can speak out loud but most of the time it’s the witness or unction inside you that reveals His voice and guidance. Hear with the ears of your heart. Notice the words “hear” and “ear” are in found in the word heart. 

Position yourself to hear the voice of Jesus by giving place to the things of God. For example feeding on His Word… going to church… worshiping Him often… spending time in prayer… hanging out with others who have a heart for The Lord. These are just a few things that will position you to hear and know. 

Always remember that because of the cross and shed blood of Jesus, you are loved and treasured by the Lord and He desires to share secrets with you about your victorious future. Look for and expect to hear the wonderful voice and leading of Our Lord Jesus, 

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