“For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.” Ephesians 6:15  NLT

Most of us would never leave our homes each day without putting shoes on.  Going barefoot would only prove that our feet could not take the beating they would receive in just a short amount of time.  Scrapes, cuts, and bruises would have us walking gingerly throughout the day.

Spiritually speaking, we sometimes “leave the house” with out our shoes of peace on. When that happens we will find that scrapes, cuts, and bruises of worry, anxiety, and stress will hinder our walk. In our every day life, we need good shoes for the business of each day and spiritually we need our shoes of peace on so we can function in God’s peace instead of worldly stress.

How do we put on our shoes of peace each day? The same way you put on your boots, dress shoes, or running shoes… on purpose. Each morning before you start your day just say in faith, “Thank you Lord for providing me with shoes of peace. I put them on today and leave them on the entire day. Worry and anxious thoughts can not dominate me. All my cares are cast upon you and you are working on everything that concerns me in Jesus Name.”

What if worry and stress try to temp me to take off my shoes of peace and go spiritually bare foot throughout the day? Hold your ground! Resist those anxious thoughts and refuse to take off your shoes of peace. Thank the Lord for for His wonderful love and care for you. Give Him praise for moving on your behalf.

Don’t go spiritually barefoot. Put on your shoes of peace that God has provided each day. As you do this, His divine peace and rest will be your constant companion and God will move beautifully in your Life.

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