We all make appointments for various reasons— dinner date… dental work… job interview, etc. What would you think if God made an appointment for you. Imagine, the creator of the universe making an appointment between you and another person. That’s exactly what God does for and to us when we ask Him. The appointment may be for your benefit or the other person’s, but either way, all involved will be blessed. 

While having coffee with my Dad at McDonald’s we encountered one such divine appointment that God arranged. As we were sipping our coffee and talking about the things of God (which my Dad and I do without fail every time we get together) a young couple sitting next to us interrupted us. “Excuse me” he said, “ I heard you guys talking about Jesus. Can I ask you a question”? 

“No worries; of course, what is your question?” I answered as I realized this was a divine appointment from heaven. 

With his girlfriend fully focused on the conversation, he asked my Dad and me, “my uncle told me if I call on Jesus He would forgive all my sins and mistakes, is that true?”

Well as you can probably imagine, it was on after that. They invited us to their booth and in a few minutes after sharing the gospel, they were both in tears calling on Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

May God give all of us divinely ordained appointments to share Jesus or invite people to church. People everywhere are hurting and are desperate for answers. We can give them relief and victory through the power of the cross. 

When you go about your day, believe and expect God to set you up to shine for Him on behalf of someone else. Maybe you turned to the Lord because someone told you about The Lord or invited you to church. May we all be used to minister Jesus to others as God grants us divine appointments.

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