My wife Cindi is famous for buying canned goods at the grocery store with dents and dings on them. As I’m helping her unload the groceries, I usually make the comment, “I see you are favoring the dented cans again”. She says she doesn’t do it on purpose… it just happens.

Did you know God favors people who have dents and dings in them. Those who have flaws and seemingly nothing going for them were the ones Jesus focused on the most. He was known for being a friend of sinners, adulterers, and social outcast. They were messed up on the outside like the dented cans. But after they encountered Jesus, they were good on the inside.

Jesus said he came for the broken and sickly, not the one who had it all together. Don’t think you have to get all the dents and dings out of your life before you can come to Jesus or attend church. Yes, He can push those imperfections that are in us out and He does, but the reality is we will never be good enough or pure enough to meet His perfection. That’s why we all need to continually lean into His grace and strength and recognize we are children of God.

The product on the inside of those dented cans Cindi purchases are just as good as the other cans. Through Jesus and the power of His cross, and despite the dents in your life, you are just as clean on the inside as any other person who trusts in Jesus as their Savior.

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