In the Book of Genesis, God spoke a promise to Abram that he would have a son through which he would become a father of many nations, including the nation of Israel. Through this nation God was also going to bring Christ the Messiah into the world. However, Abram and his wife Sarai had no children due to the fact that Sarai was barren.

To add to the problem, they were older and Sarai was past child bearing years.  This couple struggled with believing they could have a child after years of trying with no success.

Have you ever been there? Has God ever spoken a promise to you in your heart, or through His Word,  but time and circumstances do not seem like they are moving toward the promise fulfilled?

God, in His great kindness and love, saw Abram and Sarai struggling to believe they would have a son from their own bodies so God helped them by changing their names to Abraham and Sarah, which means father and mother of many nations. Now, when they called each other’s name they were speaking God’s promise to each other.

Eventually their faith and trust in God’s promise that they would have many descendants became so strong that Romans chapter 4 reveals that Abraham and Sarah did not consider the fact that their bodies were old and past child bearing years. They became fully persuaded that what God promised He was able to do.  One year after their names changed and they began speaking the promise, Sarah gave birth to a son and named him Issac and through Issac came the nation of Israel and the promised Messiah, Jesus.

What has God promised you that seems to be taking a while to come to pass? Do as Abraham and Sarah, begin to consider your God above your current situation and start speaking the promises of His Word over your life. Soon your heart will be fully persuaded that what God has promised you will happen.

Just as Abraham gave glory to God before the promise was fulfilled, you can do the same, knowing that in due time everything God has put in your heart will take place. Consider Your God and speak the promises!

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