How many of you want to experience more of God’s power and miracles in your life and future? How about increasing amounts of divine wisdom from Heaven to guide and direct the days to come? For most of us, the answer is an emphatic YES!

But why do so many struggle to see God’s hand of power and miracles in their lives? Why does the wisdom of God sometimes seem to evade many whose hearts are towards God? Could it be because many Christians seek the miracle power of God instead of the source of His power which is CHRIST? Or it may be that they are trying to qualify through their own efforts to earn God’s wisdom and miracle power. 

The Bible gives us the answer to receiving both His wisdom to guide your life and His power to bring about miracles in your life. 1 Corinthians chapter one tells us not to seek wisdom or miracles like some do, but rather Christ who is our wisdom and power. In other words, the more we feed on Jesus and the power of the cross, the more we put Christ’s Word in us and make that our priority, the more we can expect His wisdom and miracle power to be a normal part of our lives.

We can’t deserve or achieve these blessings. We can only through faith in Christ’s finished work of the cross receive both wisdom and power. We all need power to bring victory and wisdom to know His plans for our future. Start today by focusing on Jesus rather than on yourself and your own strivings. If you do, expect His wisdom for todays challenges and power for miracles to flow directly into your life and future!

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