According to the Bible, the answer is yes. God can speak to you in several ways. One way, and perhaps the most common way, is through His Word — The Bible. When you read the Bible, allow God to emphasize a verse or passage that connects to you, ministering to your heart in a way you did not realize before. That is God speaking to you.

Another way God can speak to you is through spiritual people you trust… your Pastor or a prayer partner, for example. I have received many truths or revelations from God through listening to spiritual leaders in my life, and you can also.

One of the most common ways to hear from God is in your own human spirit. Romans chapter 8 tells us that God’s Spirit bears witness with our spirit. That means that if we look inside our heart, or spirit, where the Holy Spirit lives, we can follow His witness for inward guidance.

So often we look to signs and outward things to hear from God not realizing that we can look to the Holy Spirit who indwells our spirit to communicate with us. Not in words, but rather an unction or an intuitive knowing that brings peace regarding whatever you are praying about.

I have learned to follow this inward leading from the Holy Spirit for years now and it has served me well. Sure, I have gone against His leading at times because it didn’t make sense to my mind or emotions but over time I have learned not to question what I am sensing from God in my heart or spirit.

Like me, you can hear God’s voice by following these simple truths. As you do, even the most complex and complicated things you face can be turned around as you hear and follow His leadings.

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