I have noticed that when people think they are at their breaking point, it is usually an indication they are about to have a breakthrough.

In the Bible, Peter’s breaking point came after his three-time denial of Jesus. His attitude was, I can’t do this anymore. My shame and guilt are overwhelming. I quit the ministry. I’m going back to fishing. After fishing all night with no success, Jesus in His love and mercy, brought Peter his breakthrough; a beautiful restoration fueled by our Lord’s desire for Peter to fulfill his divine destiny.

Just as Peter’s divine destiny wasn’t stopped by his failures, in the same way you can rest assured that God’s plan for your life is not limited by your mistakes. Peter went on to boldly declare the Gospel of Christ including seeing thousands saved through his ministry.

No person, failure, or misstep can stop the flow of God’s plans for your life. Simply receive your restoration as Peter did. Hear the Lord Jesus say to you; you are loved, accepted, and forgiven by my shed blood.

In restoring Peter, Jesus never mentioned Peter’s denial or questioned the motivation of his heart. He only affirmed His love for Peter and Peter’s love for Jesus.

If you are at a breaking point as Peter was, prepare to receive Jesus’ restoration in your life and future by positioning your heart to believe and receive His acceptance, love, forgiveness, and favor.

Just say from your heart, “Lord Jesus I ask for and receive your love and grace that restores me and my destiny. Like Peter from the Bible, I hear you saying to me that I am completely loved, accepted, and forgiven. Thank you for restoring my future”.

Be assured that just as Jesus spoke affirmation to Peter at his breaking point, that led to a breakthrough, He will do the same for you. You are affirmed by Him and your destiny intact.

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