What if there was a way to turn the bitterness that life can sometimes bring to sweetness? Is it possible that the bitter situations you may be facing right now can be transformed into a sweet victory?

In Exodus chapter 15 we read that Moses and the children of Israel face three days of no water after crossing the Red Sea. They were parched with thirst and desperate for water when they came across a large water hole named Marah, which means bitter or poison, describing the condition of the water. What a disappointment to the people of God. Their disappointment turned to bitterness… against Moses and even God.

Sometimes we can do the same thing. We feel hurt and resentment, even unforgiveness over bitter situations. Like the water, we can allow bitterness to get in us and prolong pain and sorrow in our lives.

Moses cried out To God for help and the Lord showed him a tree. When he cast the tree in the water hole, the bitter water was made sweet and the people drank freely. 

The tree is a picture of the cross of Christ. Jesus died on a tree for our total redemption. If you are experiencing bitter waters in your life, do like Moses and cast the tree… that is, the finished work of Jesus on the cross… into your bitter situation. 

Declare Jesus and the power of the redemptive cross over you, your family, your health, your finances, or whatever else is bringing bitter waters. Say- “Jesus bore every curse for me” – as the Bible proclaims, cursed is everyone who hangs on a TREE. He bore the curse of bitterness so you can enjoy every blessing.

Because of Jesus’ tree/cross, you can expect the bitter waters of life to turn sweet. It may not happen over night but as you continue to thank God for the redemptive work of the cross in your life, you can count on God turning your bitterness to sweet waters of victory. Then drink freely!  

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