As Christians, all of us have a desire to live a life that glorifies God and to shine for the Lord in this world. In others words, we want to live right. We want to live in a way that reflects the abundant life Jesus said we can have. Is it possible that believing correctly regarding God’s Word is a key to living an abundant fruitful life? I think so.

If you think about it, all of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the New Testament churches begin with him telling them who they are in Christ and what Jesus has done for them. The first few chapters of every book he establishes the doctrines and beliefs of the gospel of Christ. Then, he tells about the conduct and character that is to follow the life of the believer.  The New Testament writer explains that they must first believe right, then they will have the ability to live right.

For example, in the letter written to the church of Ephesus, the book of Ephesians, Paul writes in the first chapter “In Him (Christ) we have redemption, the forgiveness of sin according to the riches of His grace”. In chapter two he explains that we were dead (spiritually) before we received Jesus as our Savior but now we have been raised up with Christ from the dead. We are alive and part of God’s family and household. When we believe these truths we can then live out our Christianity as Paul says in Chapter 4… walk worthy of your calling and build up each other in love. Chapter 5 instructs about a successful marriage and family life and so forth.

God’s Word first instructs us what to believe regarding the finished work of His Son Jesus at the cross and all the it has accomplished for us. Then He graciously teaches us how to live and walk in our every day lives.

If we will continue to feed on the redemptive realities of Christ and fully believe and receive who we are in Jesus, then we can follow the instructions God gives us to live a fruitful and productive life. Start believing according to God’s Word and you will start living according to God’s Word!

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