What if God wrote a book about His divine plans for your entire life here on earth before you were even born? And what if that book exists right now in a massive library in heaven? If so, I would want to find out what God wrote about me and fulfill everything recorded in it. How ‘bout you?

This is what the scriptures seems to indicate. Psalms 139 talks about God beautifully forming you in your mother’s womb and writing in a book — your book — all the days of your life before a single day had passed.

Second Peter chapter one points out that God gave us a purpose and then the grace to fulfill that purpose before time began. Even Jesus, in the book of Hebrews, says that He came to do the will of God that was already written in the volume of the book concerning His time on earth.

Maybe not every natural detail, like what you may wear or what you will eat on any given day is prerecorded, but I believe that things concerning Kingdom purposes and events in your life that have spiritual significance are written in your book in heaven.

How do you discover and fulfill God’s destiny for your life here on earth? How do you fulfill every chapter of the book God wrote about you? It’s not that complicated. Simply put Him first place and yield to His promptings that bring rest and peace in your heart or spirit; then you will find yourself living your dream life in the Lord.

You can discover what is written in your book by allowing God to guide you through every season and chapter of change. Also, by feeding on His Word the Bible —  by regularly attending church and fostering relationships that you know God brought into your life.

If you feel uncomfortable in your spirit about someone or something in your life, that’s a good indication that the Holy Spirit letting you know it’s not written in your book. 

God has written a beautiful story regarding your life. It’s recorded and in the library of heaven. Fulfill it by following Him in everything and in every way. Your future has been planned out ahead of time. May you walk in the blessings and fullness of your divine destiny.

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