Last week I approached the teller at our bank and said, “I have an unusual request.” “Okay” he said, “I hope I can accommodate.”

I told him I would like to withdraw $200 from my account in large bills. One bill, nice and new, clean and crisp. The other in the old style, preferably tattered, torn, dirty, and greasy. He said he’d do his best and pulled out a stack of new shiny 100 dollar bills and gave me my pick. Then he pulled out the rejected pile of bills that would be taken out of circulation.

“How about this one?” he said, as he literally peeled an old 100 dollar bill from the stack. It had a grease spot. It was taped together in two places and had a hole on one end.
“That’s perfect” I said, “I’ll take it.”
Out of curiosity he asked me why I wanted these two bills? I told him that I am using them for an illustration for my message this Sunday.

“Do you mind if I ask in what way?”
“Sure” I responded, “the shiny new 100 dollar bill represents someone who has it all together. Everything is in proper order in their life and the torn and tattered 100 dollar bill represents someone who’s life is undone. They have failed, made mistakes, and they feel dirty shameful.” The bank teller listened and then interrupted me and said, “even though they look different, they both have the same value.”
“Yes” I said, “Before God they have the same value.”

I’m not sure if he fully caught the revelation but I hope that you do. Regardless of the conditions your life may be in right now, you are of great value to God. He gave His son for all of us when we were hopelessly lost, guilty, and condemned. The loving God says I give my Son Jesus to pay the price for your sins and if you accept Him you will be clean.

Whether you are the person who has it all together or your life is a mess, you are loved by God equally. Come to Jesus just as you are. Call on Him. Simply say, Lord Jesus, I make you the Lord and Savior of my life. I believe you died for me and rose from the dead. Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins. I receive eternal life.

A heart felt prayer is all it takes to make your heart like a clean crisp 100 dollar bill. God said you are worth the price of His Son’s sacrifice. I pray you receive it today.

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